Good Luck St. Clair Skills Ontario Competitors
Windsor, Ontario - St. Clair College has a track record of gold, silver and bronze medal winners at the Ontario Technological Skills Competition that takes place in Waterloo.

Wishing our 2015 competitors "good luck" as they compete in the 26th Annual competition May 4-6, 2015!

2015 Skills Ontario Competitors
2015 Skills Ontario Competitors
Name of Competitor Male/Female Competition/Faculty Leader
Nina KeastFMedal Design Winner - Nick Kuipers
Jessica NelsonFPin Design Winner
Elisa BognarFGraphic Design - Nick Kuipers
Ryan FrithMGraphic Design - Nick Kuipers
Scott SlaterMMechanical CADD - Joan Hunter
Ryan JonesMMechanical CADD - Joan Hunter
Noah VezinaMMechatronics - Ryan Pepper
Jeremy AllosseryMMechatronics - Ryan Pepper
Alexander GervaisMWeb Site Development - Phil Aylesworth
DCornelius FroeseMWeb Site Development - Phil Aylesworth
Danielle LillyFAesthetics - Deb Rymal
Samantha deJongFAesthetics - Deb Rymal
John Van De HogenMMotive Power - Brady Baillargeon
Gared PisciottoMMotive Power - Brady Baillargeon
Zak HertelMLandscape Gardening - Jay Terryberry
Shaun St. PierreMLandscape Gardening - Jay Terryberry
Trevor StraatmanMLandscape Gardening - Jay Terryberry
Brad RogersMLandscape Gardening - Jay Terryberry
Baily LaurFHairstyling - Marcy McIntosh
Jacob DagenaisMIT-Network Support - John Ulakovich
Connor SorrentinoMIT-Network Support - John Ulakovich
John AsumenMCulinary - Mike Jimmerfield
Natalie MaioFBaking - Eva Cross
Maria BoltFBaking - Eva Cross
Jillian PleliFRestaurant Services - Ken Reynolds
Jessie MasseFRestaurant Services - Ken Reynolds
Nic BultjeMCarpentry - Walter Smith
Liam WearMIndustrial Mechanic Mill
Jayde CunninghamMIndustrial Mechanic Mill
Name of Staff Person  
Joe LeightizerMotive Power
Paul MiaritisRestaurant Services
Don ChesnickMotive Power
Mark Matthys & Gary AngerIndustrial Mechanic Millwright
Alycia TomaltyCulinary
Mike JimmerfieldCulinary
Teresa TaylorGraphic Design
Brady BaillargeonMotive Power
Dan VincentMotive Power
John UlakovichIT-Network Support
Phil AylesworthWeb Design
Ken ReynoldsRestaurant Service
Walter Smith2 Carpentry
Eva Cross1 Baking
Jay TerryberryLandscape-Design
Ryan PepperMechatronics
Joan HunterMechanical CADD
Marcy McIntoshHairstylist
Deb RymalEsthetics
Robert ChittimChair of Skilled Trades
Sue McLellandManager of Apprenticeship / Academic Updgrading /
Skills Ontario Team Co-ordinator
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