'Say Yes to St. Clair College' Contest Winners Claim Cool Prizes
Windsor, Ontario - Five lucky newly accepted students won some great prizes in the 'Say Yes to St. Clair College' contest this month.

First prize winner Vanessa Vendrasco, who got accepted to the Medical Laboratory Science program, won a MacBook Air, valued at about $1,300. Vendrasco will graduate from Essex District High School in June. She was all smiles when she claimed her top prize.

Second prize winner Ericka Bilcliffe will begin the Autism & Behavioural Science program at St. Clair this September. She is currently completing her program at the University of Windsor and was very excited to win an iPad.

Third prize winner Mohamad Elchami is eager to start in the Graphic Design program this fall. The current Vincent Massey Secondary School student was thrilled to win an iPad mini.

Fourth prize winner Danielle Mansell, a General Amherst High School student, can't wait to start the Early Childhood Education program this September. She is currently enrolled in the Intro to E.C.E. Dual Credit course this semester at St. Clair College. Mansell was happy to win a $50 Best Buy gift card.

And finally, fifth place winner Matthew Brunelle, a current St. Clair Pre-Health Science student, will be entering the Paramedic program this fall. He, too, was excited to win a $50 Best Buy gift card.

Congrats to all and good luck in your new programs at St. Clair this fall!

Vanessa Vendrasc and Ann Hetherington
St. Clair Marketing & Recruitment Director Ann Hetherington awards 1st place winner Vanessa Vendrasco with her MacBook Air prize.
Ericka Bilcliffe
2nd place winner Ericka Bilcliffe with her iPad prize.
Mohamad Elchami
3rd place winner Mohamad Elchami with his iPad mini prize.
Danielle Mansell
4th place winner Danielle Mansell with her $50 Best Buy gift card prize.
Matthew Brunelle
5th place winner Matthew Brunelle with his $50 Best Buy gift card prize.
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