Advertising Alumni Andrew Glancy Achieves 'Dream' Career
Windsor, ON - While many flip the channel or leave the room when commercials come on TV, for Andrew Glancy, watching these "short, succinct, snapshot stories" were defining moments.

"I loved the wit, the clever design and delivery," said Glancy, who graduated St. Clair College's Advertising program in 2006 and is now an executive in the industry in Vancouver. "The creative, clever delivery of a potentially mundane point is an incredible feat, and that inspired me."

From magazine ads to quick 30-second spots on TV, advertising has always enthralled Glancy, and it drove him to enroll in St. Clair's Advertising program to learn more, experiment, create and ultimately make it in the industry.

"Consumers are fickle, marketers are ruthless, brands are greedy and everyone is fighting for their slice, but from within that commercialized turmoil comes the epicness of great advertising, awesome narrative, creative delivery and true entertainment," said Glancy. "That is what truly inspired me to get into advertising and what continues to inspire me to evolve within this business as we search for new and innovative ways of truly engaging with audiences."

The 30-year-old St. Clair Alumni first landed a position in the advertising industry after being hired at Canwest Media in Toronto, which was a parent company that owned Global Television, The National Post and more than 20 specialty TV stations. He was hired after interning there during one of the placements he was required to fulfill in the Advertising program.

Alumni Profile: Andrew Glancy
St. Clair College Advertising Alumni, Andrew Glancy

He continued to work within Global Television for about nine years, working in their Broadcast Media Research division, their Media Research division, then onto their Marketing Ventures division, working in an array of positions including coordinator, analyst and manager, working with writers, producers and directors. He helped create opportunities to integrate brands into programming on Global with their roster of specialty stations, including HGTV, History, The Food Network, Showcase, Action, DIY, Movietime, IFC, Slice, IFC, National Geographic, TVtropolis, BBC Canada, Discovery and Fox Sports.

Now in Vancouver, Glancy heads a Digital Content Monetization firm called Accordios as the Vice President of Content and Brand Strategy.

"I broker deals with U.S. content providers, be it brands, sports leagues, musicians, broadcasters, and so on," said Glancy of his current position on the west coast. Nowadays, he designs clients' marketing strategies pertaining to broadcast and digital content.

"It's like a product placement on steroids," joked Glancy.

Other advertising work he has done since graduating from St. Clair includes the integration of Canadian advertisers into television properties such as Top Chef Canada, Wipeout Canada, Deal or No Deal Canada, Rookie Blue, House, The Apprentice, Entertainment Tonight Canada, Canada's Walk of Fame and The Stanley Show.

Glancy said he's also spent much of the last five years focused on the future of broadcast media, working within Shaw Media and Shaw Communications to create new ways to engage audiences outside the standard broadcast commercial inventory, creating unique partner programming, brand integrations, media partnerships and experimenting with new technologies and their utility within the advertising world.

Glancy says the Advertising program at St. Clair thoroughly prepared him for the field he now thrives in. He said two components of the program specifically stand out when reflecting back on his St. Clair experience.

"First, the basis of knowledge garnered that became so evidently applicable to everything I have done in my career since entering the industry," said Glancy. "And secondly, the guidance and shared personal experience of the teaching staff that showed me how to apply both creativity and business sensibility to achieving my professional goals."

He said several St. Clair faculty members go above and beyond what they teach students in the classroom, and several Advertising instructors continually reach out to alumni as opportunities arise in the industry.

Glancy said he most enjoys the ever-changing nature of the advertising industry.

"There are always new objectives, changes in direction or complete brand overhauls to stimulate your creative senses," said Glancy. "No two days are ever alike, no two campaigns are ever the same. If you crave a creative outlet that will constantly challenge you to innovate, to push the boundaries normality - this is it."

He said St. Clair College's Advertising program gave him the foundation, the media landscape understanding and confidence to take those first steps into this industry that were integral in climbing to where he is now.

"The well-rounded foundation St. Clair provided allowed me to make vertical moves within the industry to attain the roles I truly sought," said Glancy. "Now, looking back a decade later, I can happily say that I have achieved my dream and I am doing what I love, in a city that I love, and I owe it to the start that was afforded to me by St. Clair College."

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