New Cutting Edge SIM Mannequins Arrive at Thames Campus
Chatham, ON - St. Clair College Thames Campus is thrilled to announce that it has received two new Simulation (SIM) mannequins to enhance training for students in the Nursing and Practical Nursing programs. The total value of the equipment is $45,000.

This new, cutting edge technology is part of the Mary Uniac Health Sciences Education Centre development. The centre opened in September 2013.

Two important pieces of simulation equipment are now in place. Noelle is a SIM adult birthing mother and she comes with an in vitro fetus as well as a newborn baby. In addition, the Centre has received Hal, a 5 year old pediatric SIM. Both of these new installations will provide students with tremendous hands-on learning which helps build their confidence when dealing with emergency situations, and ultimately produces a better prepared graduate for the important work they will do in our health care sector.

Noelle replaces a 15 year old birthing simulator and is an important addition to the program. SIM guru and Faculty member Cindy Pallister is thrilled to have both pieces of important technology added to the Centre. "It is critical that Nursing students have state-of-the-art equipment to support the learning process. This will allow us to simulate multiple scenarios in a clinical setting which will provide a more comprehensive set of skills for our students."

The computer aided technology allows Faculty to train students in various scenarios including monitoring vital signs, fetal heart monitoring and OB simulations and more complex emergency procedures including breech birth and preeclampsia.

Mary Uniac Building
Mary Uniac Health Sciences Education Centre
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