Student Project Spruces Up the Campus!
The 2013-14 class of Carpentry Techniques left the program’s "traditional monuments" on campus: a pair of gorgeous cedar gazebos.

The previous year’s class projects were installed on the front lawn area of the Centre for Construction Innovation and Production and in the “Maple City” wooded area at the rear of the main building’s eastern wing. The newest gazebos are located at the north end of campus near Cabana Road, and near the pond (pictured).

Gazebo Near Pond

Gazebo Near Pond
Left to right are the students who handled the May installation of the structures:
Mike Cornett, Emile Kinghorn, Webber Snow and Justin Millar.

Coxon’s Towing Service handled the transporting of the gazebos, and provided the mini-crane that hoisted the frames and roofs into place.

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