Young Entrepreneur Talks to Students About Innovative Mobile Marketing and Social Media Campaign
Windsor, ON - Sometimes the best way to learn a concept is by seeing it put into action. That's exactly what happened when a 21-year-old entrepreneur agreed to do a class lecture via Skype.

Jeff Carrier, owner of Emagine Solution in Montreal, gave the class all of the inside scoop on his social media and mobile marketing campaign that saw his video for Reviveaphone go viral and increase his sales dramatically.

A class of Advertising and Marketing students at St. Clair College got the inside scoop on how the innovative idea was hatched and turned sales from the projected 1,000 units a month to 1,000 units a week.

Jeff Carrier speaks to students via Skype
Jeff Carrier speaks to students via Skype

"This was a perfect example of advertising and marketing to our students," said professor Scott Briscoe. "They got to see what it was like in the industry. It reinforces everything we talked about. And everything he talked about today, we have a full-semester class for each one of those topics"

Carrier purchased the North American distribution rights to Reviveaphone, a product that removes corrosive minerals and brings water-damaged phones back to life in 24 hours. He then put the product to the test for the whole world to see when they posted a YouTube video of a man drowning a brand new iPhone 6 in a pitcher of beer.

The video, attracting more than 327,000 views, shows a man travelling to Australia to buy the world's first iPhone 6. He then dumped his newly purchased phone in a pitcher of beer and used the Reviveaphone product to bring it back to life.

"Talking to him gives us a lot of experience," said third-year student Elizabeth Remelos. "We apply everything that we would do in a real world setting."

St. Clair 21-year-old student Aaron Andary said this knowledge and experience will help them limit their mistakes on the first day of their job.

According to Briscoe, 65 per cent of the St. Clair College's Advertising and Marketing Communications students are hired before their third-year internship is done and 90 per cent are hired by six months after graduating.

In the mobile marketing class, they discuss current trends and news items related to social media and mobile marketing. That was when Andary found the video and shared it with the class.

For an hour, students quizzed Carrier on the video and his Montreal-based company. Carrier said owning the company can be a bit overwhelming, but they've exceeded their expectations and up-to-date marketing techniques have really helped.

St. Clair's Advertising and Marketing Communication program is the only one of its kind in Canada with the most social media and mobile marketing courses in the program of any post secondary institution in the country. Courses range from integrated campaigns, mobile marketing, social media marketing, internet content and web analytics.

Many students admitted they could relate to Carrier because he was a young adult. "Our generation grew up with social media," said student Abdullah Alheidri, on how easy it was to pick up on digital media. "Putting that knowledge and actual marketing together makes us more powerful than other generations."

"We're ahead of the industry," Remelos added. "Employers call our faculty looking for grads like us long before we graduate because they see the value of what we are learning."

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