Culinary Management Students Bake for a Cause
Windsor, ON - 'Tis the season for giving back and St. Clair College's Culinary Management program has found an organization that can benefit from their baking skills.

As part of the program's curriculum, students are required to organize a mass bake sale each year, market it and then choose a local organization to donate some proceeds to.

"Every year we look around to see who's in need," said Culinary Management Faculty Eva Cross. She said this year they chose the Windsor Residence for Young Men. "We had a student in our program two years ago who was living there for a little while, so it kind of stuck in my head."

On Dec. 19, Cross and several Culinary Management students donated $1,000 to Catherine Brooke, Executive Director of the Windsor Residence for Young Men.

The residential facility provides homeless or at-risk young men, 16-24 years of age, a space to live and learn life skills like cooking, cleaning, better decision making, education and resume building.

"We have some residents that are attending St. Clair College right now, which is wonderful because we really try to encourage them to finish school," said Brooke. The donation from the Culinary Management program is significant because the facility is relatively new and always in need of support, said Brooke. And especially during the holiday season, she added.

"Around Christmas, it's a difficult time for the residents because you don't want to spend the holidays in a place such as ours. You'd rather be with family, but that's not a safe option for everyone," said Brooke. "So at this time of year, with these donations, we make sure that we can have a turkey dinner and gifts for the residents and any donation we get goes to help with the programming."

Cross said in the spring, the Culinary Management program will give again to the Windsor Residence for Young Men to top up their December donation.

"We just want them to be full," said Culinary Management student Kerri McKinnon. "It's our place in life to feed people."

Renee Razoky, Natalie Maio, Maria Boldt, Catherine Brooke, Trevor Elliott, Kerri McKinnon
From left to right:
Renee Razoky, Natalie Maio, Maria Boldt, Catherine Brooke, Trevor Elliott, Kerri McKinnon.
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