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Student Visa and Student Authorization

  • If approved by the College you will receive a letter of acceptance, which will give your student status
  • Use this letter to apply for a visa, so that you may enter Canada
  • When you arrive in Canada you will receive your student authorization from an Immigration Canada Office
The Immigration Section of the Canadian diplomatic mission in your location can provide full information about how to apply for admission to Canada.

Some or all of these documents may be needed to obtain your Visa:

  • A letter of acceptance from the Registrar at St. Clair College: this letter is sent to you by the International Development Office
  • Proof of your good character, and if it applies, a letter from your sponsoring organization
  • A certificate of medical clearance
  • Proof of financial ability to live and study in Canada, including return transportation
  • A valid passport


Your student authorization will allow you to attend only one institution. It also specifies the period of time you stay in Canada. You may have to get a new student authorization if there are any changes to the conditions of your authorization, including:
  • Your course of study is longer than expected
  • You plan to change schools
  • You want to accept work of any kind
  • You will finish your studies before the course has ended and you don't plan to leave
    immediately after
  • Anything concerning your stay in Canada is not entirely clear
We suggest that you report any changes to Immigration Canada as soon as possible. If you don’t report changes, you may be breaking Canadian immigration laws. This could result in an order for you to leave Canada.

If your passport needs to be renewed while you are in Canada you should contact your home country's consulate or embassy at least two months before the passport expires.

Should you wish to visit another country, the International Development Office has a directory of foreign embassies and consulates in Canada. The International Student Advisor at the College can assist with Canadian immigration business. However, it is the student, not the College who is responsible for personal immigration status.

Note: International students are not usually allowed to work in Canada unless on-the-job training is part of the course of study.

For immigration inquiries in Windsor or Chatham:
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
1250 Walker Road,
Windsor, Ontario
N8Y 4T4
Telephone: 1-888-242-2100
Fax: (519)966-8173

For more information
please contact:

Alex Wu
Manager, International Recruitment & Project Development
Tel: +1-519-972-2727 Ext. 4946
Fax: +1-519-972-2707

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