Protect Yourself and Those Around You Back

The best defense we have at this time in protecting ourselves and others from the influenza virus is to follow the steps below:

Wash/Sanitize Your Hands  

Use Good Respiratory Hygiene  

Avoid Persons/Places Where Influenza-like Illness is Present  

Get Your Seasonal Influenza Vaccine*  

Seasonal flu vaccines are recommended for everyone ages 6 months or older unless you have allergies to any of the components of the vaccine or you have a medical condition for which your doctor does not recommend vaccination.

Get the pH1N1 Influenza Vaccine**

The pH1N1 flu vaccines are recommended as a priority for pregnant and nursing women, for persons 5-24 years old, health care workers, and those with underlying chronic illness.

*Seasonal Flu Vaccine will be available in Late October or early November 2009 and will be administered through the College Health Centre to staff and high risk student groups or through Windsor/Essex County Health Unit Flu Clinics or through your Primary Care Practitioner.  

**The pH1N1 Influenza Vaccine will be available late November or early December and will be administered by the Windsor/Essex County Health Unit Pandemic Flu Vaccine Clinics (to be announced).