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Swim To SurviveSwim to Survive school program is a Lifesaving Society survival training program for Grade 3 students. The goal is to have every Grade 3 student in Ontario achieve the Swim to Survive standard. There are 3 parts: 3 in-water lessons (1 hour each), 3 classroom water safety lessons and a handout for parents of participating children. Free of charge. Please contact Jeff McEwan (jmcewan@stclaircollege.ca) to register your Grade 3 class.

What is the Swim to Survive standard?

Swim to Survive defines the minimum swim skills needed to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. Because most drownings occur close to safety, and most victims had no intention of going into the water, Swim to Survive focuses on three basic survival skills:

ROLL into deep water

TREAD water for one minute

SWIM 50 metres

Come out to watch your children learn to swim!

Additional information is available on the Lifesaving Society's Swim to Survive page.

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