Learn To Scuba Dive
St. Clair College Aquatics

Summer Session begins:
Room: TBA

FEE: $240

  • includes classroom instruction and practical.
  • mask, snorkel & fins required

Approximate Additional Fees:
Mask, Fins, Boots and a Snorkel approximately $220.00
Open water checkout is $200.00
Includes all the rental gear and certification card
Lodging Fee additional
Quarry Entrance additional

For additional information please contact the instructor directly: Dan Fowler at: learn2scubawindsor@gmail.com


Adult Certification allows you to dive to a maximum depth of 100 feet.

Courses Offered:

I Tried Scuba

This is an introductory experience to try out scuba diving to see if you would like to take a complete scuba diving course. Often it will be held on one evening with a little classroom training before heading to the pool to try out the gear.

Junior Open Water Diver

Same as Open Water Diver course. Students 12-15 years of age can learn to scuba dive, but under the permission and supervision of a parent or legal guardian. Upon completion of the courses, these students will be issued with a Junior Open Water Diver certification.

Open Water Diver

The SEI Diving Open Water Diver course is for individuals ages 12 and older. Learning to scuba dive is safe and affordable, and requires a modest amount of training. An entry-level certification course takes approximately 32 hours to complete. Classes may be available during day or evening times, and take from a couple of weekends to several weeks to complete. In order to earn a scuba certification, you will participate in classroom sessions and practice essential diving skills in a pool. Finally, you will test your knowledge on a written exam and apply your skills during training dives in a lake, quarry, spring, or ocean. Upon completion, you will receive a certification card that identifies you as a trained diver, allowing you to rent scuba equipment, participate in advanced training, and explore exotic diving destinations. Our basic certification will actually allow you to dive to 100 feet.

Call 519-972-2727, ext 4303 for more information or e-mail jmcewan@stclaircollege.ca.

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